Pekka Tuuri

Northern light

Pekka Tuuri is a Finland based UW-photographer who has pursued underwater splendours since 1992. He is passionate about underwater seascapes and creatures and goes to great lenghts to get the pictures that are in his mind. He wants to get up close and personal with his subjects. Pekka won many awards, among them The Finnish Nature Photographer of the Year contest, the biggest and most prestigious photo competition in Finland.


Pekkas pictures are a matter of the heart for us. They do not show the colorful world of the tropic seas or the bizarre beauty of their inhabitants. Beauty and fascination here sometimes come with the second look. But if you take the effort you might be rewarded with images from an underwater world that is in no way inferior to it´s tropical counterpart. Captured by an artist of  extraordinary sensibility and skills of observation.